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Keri Valentine



While a nomad at heart, I’ve called Athens, Georgia home since 1993. For the past 20+ years, I worked as a professor, teacher, and school support specialist in Athens, New York, and West Virginia. After moving back home in 2021, I decided to pursue Body Piercing at 3 Ravens Tattoo and Piercing. This only reinforces my belief that the mind, body, and environment are intimately connected. What I enjoy most in my life at the moment is creating safe spaces for all of us to feel empowered and love our bodies as we see them transition over time. Kids and teens are still my jam and I always look forward to working with those new to being pierced. In my time away from the shop, I enjoy gardening, hiking, restoring wood, reading fantasy, playing Zelda, or knitting and crocheting. My goal in life is to continue learning and remain open to possibilities.

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