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Ms. Devon



Originally from upstate NY, I spent most of my primary years there, as well as attending The School of the Arts in Rochester, NY, so you might notice I say things funny sometimes! Started tattooing in 2001/2002. I have worked with and learned from a lot of amazing tattooers in and around Athens GA, over the years and I continue to learn and challenge myself every day to be better.

​Mother of two amazing, strong girls and co-owner of 3 Ravens with my husband Jim AKA Mr. Jim tattoos. An avid gardener and medicinal plant grower; I truly love all things botanical! I love doing arts and crafts with my kids and mix media installations when I can find the time! My main focus in the tattoo world, currently is- ornamental, large-scale blackwork, geometric, botanical, woodblock print and woodland animals, or a combination of the above!

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