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Eryn Everest


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Hey! I’m Eryn, my pronouns are she/her. I’m originally from Michigan and was born and raised in a small town, where I did theater, show choir, and competition dance. After 23 years there I have finally spread my wings for a new opportunity. I found that here at 3 Ravens!


I recently started dabbling in Permanent Make Up! Lips, freckles and brows! I took a course in Chicago last December and can’t wait to show the world my skills. I’ve been doing my own makeup since 6th grade where I’d do my makeup on the bus and take it off before coming home so I wouldn’t get caught. For years I’d sit in front of my makeup desk and practice all different things from special effects to cut creases. Beauty is my passion.


I’ve been piercing for 5 years this October and I love all things jewelry. I’m an avid gold fan and love mixed stones in earthy tones. My favorite piercings to preform are lips, conches, rooks, and nipples! But I’m all for doing curated ears and designing any unique piercings for you. I’ve taken multiple classes and online courses with many different piercers in the United States. I also attended the APP conference in 2019. I like to consider myself a trauma informed piercer as one on my classes helped me understand how body art can be used to cope with past trauma, I’m a great listener and would love to be a part of your healing.


I’m a Taurus ☀️, Aries 🌑, and Aquarius 👆. A mother of two 👼👼. And a pet parent of two black cats Bear and Onyx. In my free time I like to go gem mining, singing, dancing and all things crafts.





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