Tabitha Pantozzi


Hello! My name is Tabitha. I ask that people use she/they pronouns interchangeably to refer to me. I’m excited to have found my place at 3 Ravens among other people who share my love for body mods! I moved to Georgia 4 years ago, but my heart will always be in New Jersey. Before coming to Athens, I spent a couple years making long lasting friendships in Dahlonega.I am a Gemini Sun and Leo Rising, so I love to chat, make people laugh, and put together fun outfits. My enneagram is 7w6 (SP) and I’m probably the most people loving INFJ you’ll ever meet! If you’re ever looking for me, you’ll find me in my happy place: cuddling with my dog, Skywalker, and my cat, Basil, and either playing on my Nintendo Switch or reading a book!