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Michael King 


Social Media Manager

I’m Michael, and I was born and raised in Peachtree City, Georgia. I fell in love with Athens during my time studying at UGA, so after I graduated with degrees in Public Relations and Political Science in 2023, I decided to just…not leave!

I’ve been creating and performing my whole life, from choir, theater, speech and debate, creative writing, to content creation, you name it! I became passionate about the world of social media during my time at Grady, and now it’s what I do every day. Whether I’m in the studio taking pictures and filming silly videos or digging into the depths of underground music as an Independent Music Journalist for Digging Underground, I’m always creating.

When I’m not attached to my phone, I’m at home with my three cats Dirt, Apollo, and BCP, spending time with my wonderful partner Kayla, and pouring hours into making the perfect farm in Stardew Valley.

I’m honored to be handed the torch for this position from Carmen, and I can’t wait to make 3 Ravens as weird and enjoyable as ever 🧙‍♂️

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