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Mr. Jim



Growing up I could always be found drawing. I found it was an escape into another world. During those formative years a great deal of my most impactful experiences were with art teachers and those had a huge influence on my life and what I do now. I feel this reflects on the colorful style I prefer when approaching any project. I was lucky to have supportive parents who encouraged drawing, painting, sculpture or anything pertaining to my artistic passions. Essentially art and music have laid the path for me, my marriage and now my family life.


I'm very fortunate to have my partner and Co-owner of the studio, Ms. Devon and our two beautiful children who are the embodiment of our creative spirit. I enjoy spending time with my clients, getting to know them on a personal level and creating custom pieces that speak to who they are. I believe there is a positive connection when spending time engaging with potential tattoos, either large or small.

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