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Frankie Waits


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Hi there, my name Francesca Waits, better known as Frankie. I’m an Athens native born and raised— and I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. I was constantly drawing or storytelling, and I even got in trouble in school for drawing on other kids- little did I know I’d eventually do it as a career.


I tried going to school for art, but never had the confidence to really pursue it or had instructors who killed my love for it. So I tried every other occupation of interest that came my way: from my first job at a froyo shop to an italian restaurant, sales receptionist, dog food sales, boots and animal feed, wine tender, four star hotels, jewelry and coffee - in hopes of finding something that “clicked”. I did it all and never quite found my fit. But from the moment I discovered tattooing- it just clicked.


Since meeting starting my apprenticeship with Austin Chitwood in October 2020, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the arduous journey of tattooing. Learning this skill is something I want to perfect for not only myself, but for the love I have of making a person feel more badass than when they first walked in. I’m truly blessed to be in an industry like this. I’m now at 3 Ravens, excitedly in pursuit of new challenges, pushing my creative boundaries and refining my skill set.


I enjoy doing lots of different tattoos, but subjects like animals, plants, fantasy or sci-fi, characters from movies or the paranormal / spooky nature are some of my favorite to do! I love American traditional, neo-traditional and illustrative styles the most. When I’m not tattooing, I’m probably at home with my husband Taylor and my fur kids Timber, Bear and Salem. You’ll find me tending to houseplants, advocating for chronic health conditions and veterans, listening to a podcast, walking around Athens or painting mythical creatures.





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