Caroline Corder


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Hey there! I’m Caroline, resident cat lady and lover of all things velvet. Before joining 3 Ravens, I spent years being formally trained as a printmaker at the University of Georgia, which gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating art for tattoos.

A major source of inspiration for my art comes from my childhood. I spent my formative years on a small island in the Caribbean, before moving back to Georgia when I was thirteen. As a child I was fascinated by magic, history, animals, and the natural world. I was often found drawing, reading, writing, or losing myself in nature.  Growing up I always felt “different,” and art has always been my main outlet.

I’ve always dreamt of building a career that somehow merges my passions of art and my desire for forming authentic human connections. I wanted my life’s work to inspire confidence in myself and others. I got my first tattoo when I was twenty-one—it was a game changer. The difference I felt in myself and how I fit into the world after that first tattoo is a gift I truly want to share with others. 

My work centers around vintage imagery of animals and nature, a holdover from my childhood fascination. I also have a keen interest in figurative work, or drawing the human body, from my formal art training. I often view tattooing as a way of reclaiming your body from what other people tell us we “should” (or shouldn’t) look like. I love forming genuine connections with my clients. I focus on making a welcoming and intentional space where everyone can feel safe and leave feeling confident in their bodies and happy with their tattoo experience! 

I love what I do, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. When I’m not tattooing, I can be found at home with my partner and our six animals, drawing or watching murder documentaries.